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Łukasz Polowczyk

Lukasz Polowczyk is a Berlin-based sound artist, poet and educator. His artistic practice is based around the protocols of translating the poetic intentionality of an idea across a variety of expressions and media. In his world a poem can be expressed as a sound-art piece, a spoken word composition backed by an experimental jazz ensemble, a site-specific audio-visual installation, a book or a series of grainy, abstract photos. Steven Barker (Wire Magazine) called him “an artist who specialises in the most candid forms of gritty self exploration.” In a recent profile piece, Electronic Sound introduced his album (Noise in the Key of Life) as “provocative and meditative, blurring the line between art and life.” Over the last three years, the artist’s work has been regularly featured in the Wire Magazine, played on BBC3 Late Junction, Lefto’s Kiosk Radio show as well as a variety of BBC6 shows hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs. 


noise in the key of life -
indigo sine wave

experimental spoken word

digital album

in collaboration with producer jan wagner, design by

maciej grochot.

album features ramón oliveras

indigo sine wave _ album cover.jpg
noise in the key of life

field recording composition / essays

digital album and book

in collaboration with designer maciej grochot

album features simon spiess, gianpaolo camplese, tobias preisig

book features lukasz komla

what remains when nothing is left

micro-poem / drone composition

digital download, tape, prints and installation located in a bunker in the underbelly of zürich

in collaboration with composer ramón oliveras and designer maciej grochot

what remains 3000px.jpg
chroma key

collection of micro-poems

book, tape and prints

in collaboration with multimedia artist margo sanda and producer jan wagner

book 1.jpg
aint about me

experimental spoken word

digital album, book, series of bespoke tape and prints

in collaboration with producer jan wagner, designer maciej grochot and illustrator rrrumburak

album features ramón oliveras, peter eldh, simon spiess, tobias preisig, benedikt wieland, rider shafique


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